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Ohio Crankshaft

2013 Induction Solutions True Street Rules:

$200 Gift Certificate from Induction Solutions to the Class Champion
$100 Gift Certificate from Woody's Plumbing to the Class Champion

Factory body with stock firewall, must run mufflers
Fiberglass limited to hood, doors, decklid, bumpers & fenders
Full interior with stock appearing dash, Lexan Windows allowed, rear frame rails maybe be notched
**Any bolt-on front suspension parts allowed**
Bolt in front subframes may be replaced with lighter race versions
Rear suspension may be bolt-on stock-styled or ladder bars
Rear leaf springs may be moved inboard
Mini-tubs and coil-overs are allowed
Rear wings are allowed
No clutchless transmissions
No wheelie bars
Sheet metal intakes are permitted
***All forced induction combos limited to a 4" inlet***

4 cyl combos weigh 2400lbs regardless of power adder
V-6 Turbo – 2700 lbs
Sm Block V8 N/A – 2300lbs (single carb)
Sm Block V8 NOS - 2900lbs any style of two stages
Sm Block V8 Supercharged – 3350lbs (Limited to F-2 or smaller)
Sm Block V8 Supercharged - 3450lbs (F-3)
Sm Block V8 Turbo – 3350lbs up to 94MM
Sm Block V8 Turbo - 3450lbs over 94MM
Big Block N/A - 2550lbs CONVENTIONAL heads(single carb)
Big Block N/A – 2600lbs (single carb)under 5"bs
Big Block N/A – 2650lbs (single carb) 5" & up bs
Big Block Conv head NOS – Single Stage Plate – 3200 lbs
Big Block Non-Conv head NOS - Single Stage Plate- 3300lbs
Big Block Supercharged – 3450lbs (F-2 or smaller)
Big Block Supercharged - 3550lbs (F-3)
Big Block Turbo – 3450lbs up to 94MM
Big Block Turbo - 3550lbs over 94MM
All 1978 & older cars plus all G bodies and Leaf sprung cars & trucks may deduct 100 lbs if using stock suspension
Add 50lbs for split carbs
Add 50lbs for Hemi heads on N/A
Add 100lbs for Hemi heads NOS
Add 50lbs for the use of a single fogger on big block
Add 150lbs for use of Alcohol
Add 150lbs for the use of a second NOS system, (BB only)
Add 200lbs for the use of 2 carbs
Base weight for 30X10.5s or 29X10.5s that measure under 10.75
Deduct 25 for 28X10.5 slicks or 275 radials
Deduct 125lbs for 26X8.5 slicks
Deduct 75lbs for non-intercooler boosted applications
Deduct 75lbs for blow-thru applications
BOP power plants run at small block weights

Plourd Racing Products

Ohio Crankshaft

DJs Performance Race Engines
Ohio Crankshaft
K R Performance
Day Brothers RV
Danny's Rod Shop
Barker Trailer Sales
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