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2013 Induction Solutions Limited 8.5 Rules

$200 Gift Certificate from Induction Solutions to the Class Champion
$100 Gift Certificate from Woody's Plumbing to the Class Champion


Must have working headlights, tail lights, Stock appearing interior, carpet, door panels, factory dash, stock floor pans (can be notched), stock firewall(stock location), single seat ok.


No wheelie bars or 4 link suspension.
Must have stock type suspension, with factory frame rail or ladder bar with factory frame rail.
Coil overs and anti roll ok.


26×8.5 slick. Tires may not be altered.
No front/all wheel drive vehicles.


Single type power adder only. All other stages must be removed.
Nos: 1 fuel / 1 nitrous /1 purge solenoid.
Purge must exit engine bay. Into atmosphere.
No controlling nos flow electronically in any way. Must use wot switch only
No foggers at all. Must be removed completely
Nos SB,6CYL max single .082 jet on plate.
SB,6CYL crossbar max jet .057 on plate. 2 NOS Jets
Nos BB max single .076 jet on plate.
BB crossbar max jet .048 on plate. 2 NOS JETS


No billet wheels allowed.
Max turbo size 76mm measured tip to tip. (No reducers allowed to achieve this size !!!!) no clipped wheels !!!!!!
Max s/c sizes D1,V7 JT trim,NOVI 2000,KB 3.6
YSI with weight penalty
No boosted BB.


Must have mufflers on all entries except turbo cars.


Single 4 bbl, no tunnel ram.
23*chevy, 20*ford, 18*mopar, 15*ls, on SB only
Mod motors ok, twisted wedge heads ok, 2 degrees +or- on valve angle
BB heads conventional .
• Ford Factory OEM Iron & OEM Aluminum (2 bbl. & 4 bbl.)
• Ford 429/460 Aftermarket Cobra Jet Cylinder Heads
• Blue Thunder 460 “OEM Cobra Jet Style” Only. THOR & Other Versions Prohibited.
• Blue Thunder FE #CHFE-(LB-LBOE-SB-SBOE)
• Trick Flow A-460 – PN# TFS-21002, 5441B001, and 5451B001
• Edelbrock Performer RPM 460, Performer RPM 460 CJ, Victor Jr. 460
• Edelbrock FE390-428 (Edelbrock on end) # 60059, # 60069, # 60089, # 60079
• Edelbrock FE390-428 (NHRA on end) # 60057, # 60058, # 60087
Stockblock BB.
Buick, Pontiac,Olds combos can run at SB weight (nos or n/a only).
No sheetmetal intakes.


Pump gas , race gas , e85 ok.


Any ignition box.
No boost controller, no nos controller . Must be completely removed from car
No digiset
No traction control devices of any kind. Must be completely removed from car


V6 – nos 3000
SB n/a – 2850
SB nos – 3150 (see nos for allowed combos)
SB & 6cyl turbo 3250
SB supercharger 3150
SB with VORTECH YSI 3350
BB n/a 3050
BB nos 3250
Deduct 100lbs for stock block SB..
SBC/nos with 18*heads will run at sb weight and BB jet
There will be no tech for 5.80 and slower. If you run a 5.79 and not within the rules you will be DQed

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